42.195 Km
4 circuits
map of circuit


21.0975 Km
2 circuits
map of circuit


6 runners x 6 Km

map of circuit


2,1 Km


Online registration for all events is open on the competition website: www.ostravacitymaraton.cz until 5.9.2023 (23:59). From 6.9.2023 online registration is closed. Registration is possible at the place of the presentation on 9th September  during the hours listed below.

Distance1.1. – – – – – 10.9.
Ten20 €24 €28 €32 €40 €
1/2 marathon28 €32 €36 €40 €48 €
Marathon36 €44 €52 €60 €72 €
Relay120 €144 €168 €192 €216 €
Mini Marathon (1+1)12 €14 €16 €18 €20 €

Entry fee

The entry fee includes

Presentation (Number pick-up)



Additional information for presentation (number pick-up)

Start / Finish



42.195 Km
4 circuits
Limit 6 hours
map of circuit

Men's categories (year of birth)

Special prize for breaking the marathon course record:

Special prize for breaking the half-marathon course record:

Men's category (year of birth)

Women's category (year of birth)

Special prize for breaking the ten course record:


2,1 Km start at 9:15 hrs.

No category

Chip time measurement

The race time is measured by chip. Chips are embedded in the start numbers and are disposable. Starting numbers must be pinned to the chest of the competitor, not on the back. Do not remove,  bend, break or otherwise damage the chip, otherwise there is a risk of your time not being recorded.

Both the gun-time and your real time will be shown in the results. Under athletic rules, rankings are determined by the gun-time.


Refreshments will be available approximately every five kilometres. These will include snacks, cold drinks, bananas, chocolate, raisins and salt.

Refreshments will also be available at the finish of the race.


Your result will be sent by text message to your mobile phone. Please include your mobile number in the registration form. Complete results can be found at www.ostravacitymarathon.cz. Please provide correct and complete information in the registration form.


Separate men’s and women’s changing rooms are available at Registration point, along with toilets, showers and bag-drop facilities.


Public transport and parking

Free parking is available in underground car park “P” at the Nová Karolina shopping centre. Frequent trams and buses are available (public transport). Some parking lots should be available at Registration.

Binding rules of the race


Maratón klub Seitl Ostrava z.s., Gen. Sochora 1206/13, 708 00 Ostrava – Poruba, IČ: 66181062, DIČ: CZ66181062, Registered in the Federal Register at the Regional Court in Ostravě, file L, insert 3560. Chairman: Otto Seitl

Race Director

Petra Pastorová
Tel.: +420 725 573 942
Email: info@ostravacitymarathon.cz


Any person who is duly registered to participate in the RBP Ostrava City Marathon (hereinafter “participant” or “competitor”)

General rules

Only duly registered competitors with confirmed registration can participate in the race.

Participants under 18 years of age may participate in the event only with the written consent of a responsible representative.

Every participant in the race declares that he/she participates voluntarily and at his/her own risk (with all its consequences), is fit and in a suitable physical condition to complete the race without undue difficulty. Check with your doctor if in doubt.

The organizer of the race is not responsible for any physical injury, damage to property or any other detrimental events associated with participating in the race or following the race.

All participants in the race are asked to consider the environment as much as possible  Please do not litter, move only in the pre-defined areas and follow the organizer’s instructions.

Each participant is obliged to read and respect the important information and instructions published by the organizer on the website www.ostravacitymarathon.cz.

The participant confirms that (s)he will comply with the rules of the race. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the event.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the race in case of extraordinary unforeseeable circumstances or in the case of natural disaster or dangerous climatic conditions. In such circumstances the organizer is not obliged to return the entry fee to the competitor.

The organizer reserves the right to change the programme and terms and conditions without prior notice.


Registration is available on the organizer’s website www.ostravacitymarathon.cz by filling in and sending the registration form online.

Registration is also possible in person on the weekend of the race at the times and places detailed above.

Registration is also required for children’s races. This is because of results management, photos and commemorative diplomas from the races.

Registration is valid only after payment. The payment is understood to be credited in full to the organizer’s account, either in cash or by bank transfer.

Registration that is not paid within 10 days is automatically cancelled.

The registration fee (entry fee) confirmed by the participant is non-refundable.

For free marathon registration for men over 70 and women over 60, the participant must write an email to info@ostravacitymarathon.cz and ask for a registration code for free entry, then (s)he will be sent an email with a code that will be used only during registration for the marathon.

Changing the name of a registered competitor before the race is only possible via email: info@ostravacitymarathon.cz. This change is free of charge. Changing the race category (e.g. from marathon to half-marathon) is not possible for technical reasons on the part of the measuring system provider (it is only possible to change it on the spot). Changing the order of runners in the relay is not possible for technical reasons on the part of the measuring system provider. Changing of race category is possible only on the spot and for a fee of 100 CZK  or €5. Changing the name of a registered competitor is also possible on the spot for a fee of 100 CZK or €5.

Team registration for marathon and ½ marathon

The minimum number of registrations for a team discount of 10% is 10 participants. One of the team can write to info@ostravacitymarathon.cz to generate a discount code. This code will be passed on to the other team members and each team member needs to register separately and give the same team name. It is very important that you meet the minimum number of team members in the registration process.

Presentation (Number pick-up)

Every registered competitor is obliged to present himself/herself at the race on the day, time and place specified by the organizer.

Presentation is possible in person with a valid identity document or by another person on the basis of a power of attorney. The power of attorney must include the name, surname, date of birth, event and starting number of the competitor, and identification data of the authorized representative who must present his/her identity document during the presentation.

Presentation for the relay requires just one member of the relay team.

Presentation for children’s runs requires the presence of a legal guardian. The only exception is for registered athletic club competitors, where the presence of a club representative is sufficient. The legal representative or club representative shall confirm the minor’s participation with his/her signature.

At the presentation the competitor will receive a start bag.

Uncollected start bags cannot be picked up later or claimed in any other way.

Race with mass start under IAAF rules

Start numbers with the embedded electronic timing chip must be placed in the prescribed manner, i.e. on the chest, securely and visibly. Do not peel off, fold, or otherwise damage the chip.

The start number is not transferable to another person. Violation leads to disqualification.

It is strictly forbidden to use roller skates, bicycles, trekking poles or other aids to propulsion along the race route.

It is forbidden to take short-cuts or block the race track in any way.

For safety reasons, animals are not allowed in the start and finish areas.

Refreshments for competitors will be available during the race and at the finish.

The first three competitors in all categories will receive a prize. Unclaimed prices cannot be claimed later.

Participants can request the results of the race within 5 calendar days of the race at the organizer’s email address info@ostravacitymarathon.cz

The organizer reserves the right to augment or update the terms and conditions of the event.