Open Morava and Silesia Championships in the marathon

Date: Sunday 22. September 2019
Venue: start and finish of races: Masarykovo náměstí, Ostrava

Presentation of races, background for runners: MASARYKOVO NÁMĚSTÍ, OSTRAVA

Organizer: Maraton Klub SEITL Ostrava,
Co-organizer: SSK Vítkovice

Director of the race: Petra Pastorová

marathon42,195 km4 circuitsmap of the circuit 
1/2 marathon21,0975 km2 circuitsmap of the circuit 
1/4 marathon10,54 km1 circuitmap of the circuit 
relay-race6 x 6 km6 x 1 relay circuitmap of the circuit 
CHARITY RUN4,2km1 circuit specialmap of the circuit 

On-line registration for all tracks is open on the site of the competition: no later than 16.1.2019 to 18.9. 2019. From 15.9. 2019 is closed due to the processing of starting papers and the printing of registration numbers. Registration is possible only at the place of the presentation of the race 21 – 22 September. according to the opening hours of the presentation.

Entry fee:
circuituntil 28. 2. 20191.3. 2019 – 31.5.20191.62019 – 15.9.201921.9. – 22.9.2019
1/4 maraton350450550650
1/2 maraton400600800900
maraton5007009001 000
štafety1.5002.1002.5503 000
The entry fee includes:
  • start at  OSTRAVA!!! City maraton certified track of choice
  • Commemorative Medal Ostrava!!! City maraton 2019 for all registered until September 15, 2019 (later as per organizer)
  • the starting number in the name according to the entered track, the competitors on the site of the presentation will receive the starting number without any personalization
  • electronic time measurement – irreversible chips are included in the starting number, please do not bother, do not harm !!!
  • intervals after about 10 km
  • refreshment on the track always after approx. 5 km
  • refreshment at the finish of the race
  • diploma, sms result service
  • a raffle of valuable prizes – each starting number is slalomable
  • accompanying program
  • cloakroom, showers, toilets, luggage storage, parking OC Nová Karolina
  • health service

Saturday 21.9.2019, 15:00 – 19:30, in Quality Hotel Ostrava City, Hornopolni 3313/42, Ostrava 702 00, Czech Republic

Sunday 22.9.2018,     7:00  –  8:50, Masarykovo náměstí

  • the presentation is possible personally with a valid identity card or another person on the basis of a power of attorney (no official verification is required)
  • the relay can be represented by any of its members, the whole team is not needed
  • during the presentation, the competitor will receive the startup package. The startup package includes: a start number with a stick for electronic time measurement,  a map of the selected track and other promotional material
  • the relay during the presentation will receive a starting package containing: 6x startup number with team name, 2x chip for electronic time measurement (we do not want to damage !!!), track map and other promotional material
  • we ask all domestic (Ostrava) contestants and relay champions on Saturday to make it easier for you to present to cross-country competitors on Sunday
  • ATTENTION Presentation of runners on marathon, 1/2 marathon, 1/4 marathon and relay is not possible at the start of Masaryk Square !!!
Timetable Saturday 21.9.:

15:00 – 19:30 – Presentation of competitors of all tracks in Quality Hotel Ostrava City, Hornopolni 3313/42, Ostrava 702 00, Czech Republic

Preliminary time schedule Sunday 22.9.

7:00 – 8:50 – Presentation of competitors for all runs in Masarykovo náměstí

10:00 – 11:30 – Presentation Nordic walking

10:00-13:45 – presentation of a charity run on Masaryk Square

10:00 – start marathon, 1/2 marathon

10:20 – start relay

10:30 – start 1/4 marathon (10,56 km)

12:00 – start nordic walking

12:15 – announcement of the winners 1/4 marathon (10,54 km)

12:30 – the announcement of the winners of the children’s races

13:30 – start charity run

14:00 – the handover of a charity voucher

14:30 – marathon winners, 1/2 marathon, relay



Marathon, 1/2marathon

  • M/P M20 – men years of birth 2001 – 1980
  • M/P M40 – men years of birth 1979 – 1970
  • M/P M50 – men years of birth 1969 – 1960
  • M/P M60 – men years of birth 1959 – 1950
  • M/P M70 – men years of birth 1949 and older
  • M/P D20 – women years of birth 2001 – 1980
  • M/P D40 – women years of birth 1979 – 1970
  • M/P D50 – women years of birth 1969 – 1960
  • M/P D60 – women years of birth 1959 and older

1/4marathon (10,54km)

M10 – mens

D10 – womens

Relay run

SDD – purely lady’s relay

SMM – purely male relay

SMD – a mixed relay in any proportion of men and women

Age limit:

Competitors under the age of 18 may only complete the marathon race and the 1/2 marathon with the written consent of the legal representative. Other tracks are age-free.


Marathon, 1/2 marathon, 1/4 marathon (map)

  • a 10.54 km long circuit
  • runs from Masaryk Square. the street Poštovní direction Jiráskovo náměstí along the streets of Přívozská and Matice to Komenský sady, along the Prokešovo square, Sokolská street, Muglinovská, bike path along Ostravice river to Hradní lávka, Havlíčkovo nábřeží along the cycle path, Na Hradbách street, Masarykovo nám, and run back to Masaryk Square on 28 October.
  • Marathons run 4 circuits, 1/2 marathons run 2 circuits, 1 / 4 marathons run 1 circuit.

Relays (mapa)

  • a circuit of 6.0 km
  • the beginning of the circuit is the same as the marathon circuit, in the Komenský sady the relay separates and runs back along the cycle path to the footbridge via Ostravice and then connects back to the marathon circuit.
  • Relay runs as a race 6x 6km, a pass at Masaryk Square.
  • Each member of the Relay takes one round.
Time limit:

Marathon: 6 hours

1/2 marathon: 3 hours

Chip time measurement:

The race time is measured using chip technology. Chips are placed in start numbers and are irreversible. The starting numbers must be placed on the chest of the competitor, not on the back. Do not remove chips, bend, break or otherwise damage the chips, otherwise there is a risk of time not taking place.

The race time will be measured during the start and progress of the finish. From these times, we’ll show two times in the results. The first time is the time from the shotgun shot and according to the athletic rule, the ranking of the competitors for the results is determined. The second time called REAL TIME (usually the better time) is the time from the start of the carpet.
The relay counts time with the chip placed in the relay stack of the relay. Each relay has only a leap for each relay and will always be taken away from the racer after the 6th Relay Division has run off at the finish of the race. Should the pin be inadvertently left, please submit it to the organizers.


Refreshment will be possible after approx. 5 km – Masaryk Square and gas station on Muglinovská Street.
Snacks, ice drinks, bananas, chocolate, raisins, salt will be available for refreshments.
Competitors can place their refreshments at the refreshment station on Masaryk Square. The bottle marked with the number of the competitor must be placed at the refreshment station before the start of the race.

Refreshments will also be available at the finish of the race.


For the 3rd year of Ostrava!!! City maraton we have increased our financial rewards in absolute order.

Marathon – absolute order


  1. place – 7.000,- Kč
  2. place – 5.000,- Kč
  3. place – 3.000,- Kč
  4. place – 1.500,- Kč
  5. place – 1.000,- Kč
  6. place –   5 00,- Kč


  1. place – 7.000,- Kč
  2. place – 5.000,- Kč
  3. place – 3.000,- Kč
  4. place – 1.500,- Kč
  5. place – 1.000,- Kč
  6. place –    500,- Kč

Men i Women kategorien:

1. place – 2 000.- Kč

2. place – 1 000,- Kč

3. place _    500,- Kč

Special prize for overcoming the marathon record in Ostrava and time:

men 2:19:06 hod. – for runners from ČR 25.000,- Kč, for runners from EU 12.500,- Kč

women 2:49:41 hod. – for runners from ČR 12.500,- Kč, for runners from EU 7.000,- Kč

1/2 marathon – absolute order

Men and women:

  1. place – 3.000,- Kč
  2. place – 2.000,- Kč
  3. place – 1.000,- Kč

Reward for breaking the track record to 1/2 marathon in Ostrava:

men      1:12:23 hod. – 2.000,- Kč

women 1:19:05 hod. – 2.000,- Kč

1/4 marathon – absolute order

Men and women:

  1. place – 3.000,- Kč
  2. place – 2.000,- Kč
  3. place – 1.000,- Kč

Reward for breaking the track record to 1/4 marathon in Ostrava:

men 34:23 hod. – 2.000,- Kč

women 37:29 hod. – 1.000,- Kč


The resulting placement times will be sent after the sms run to your phone number. Do not forget to include it in the registration form. Complete results can be found in electronic form at
Diplomas will be downloaded at The diploma will include your name, location, and final time. Please provide correct and complete information in the registration form.

Technical background:

In Trojhalí Karolina are available for all competitors: dressing rooms and changing rooms (separate men and women), toilets, showers, luggage storage.

Move from Trojhalí to the starting point on Masaryk Square, please use for a break and warm up. Distance Trojhalí – start Masrykovo náměstí = 900m (map)

At the Masaryk Square there will be a mobile toilet and a tent for postponing the upper layer before.

Transportation and parking:

Parking is possible in the underground garage “Pnam” OC FORUM Nová Karolina free of charge. Transport by tram or bus according to the timetable of DP Ostrava (DPO pages).


see website of the race


Medical rescue service will be available throughout the race.

ATTENTION: The organizer reserves the right to complete or change the race’s recommendations!